An Environmental Management System (EMS) is not a new program at PPPL. Since the 1970's, PPPL has had work processes to address environmental concerns and issues and minimize the impacts of Laboratory operations.

An EMS is a formal system that ties together all elements that should be included in a facilities environmental protection program. An EMS is a systematic methodology for managing and integrating the environmental, safety and health aspects of an organization's operations with special emphasis on compliance assurance, resource efficiency, pollution prevention, and continuous improvement. PPPL implements its EMS in conjunction with its Integrated Safety Management System (ISMS) to meet the requirements of Executive Order 13423 and DOE Orders 450.1A and 430.2B.

Executive Order 13423

Executive Order (EO) 13423, "Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management," was signed by President Bush on January 24, 2007. EO 13423 instructs Federal agencies to conduct their environmental, transportation, and energy-related activities under the law in support of their respective missions in an environmentally, economically and fiscally sound, integrated, continuously improving, efficient, and sustainable manner. The Order sets goals in the following areas:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Renewable energy
  • Environmentally preferable purchasing
  • Toxic chemical reduction
  • Waste reduction & recycling
  • High performance sustainable buildings
  • Electronics stewardship
  • Fleet management
  • Water conservation

PPPL Environmental Management System (EMS) Description Document
This document outlines the relationship between PPPL EMS and the Integrated Safety Management System (ISMS). It also outlines how the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review, Work Planning Form (WPF), and Job Hazards Analysis (JHA) processes provide on-going tools for identifying, evaluating and controlling the environmental impact of PPPL operations. It identifies PPPL's significant environmental aspects and impacts, and provides an overview of the programs to control and minimize significant environmental impacts. It also outlines the process for reviewing and improving the EMS.

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